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Horizontal Circular Welding Machine
HAC-500~HAC-2000 Automatic Welding Machine
Function/Equipment Summary:
  • Welding Turntable: Driving by DC motor, speed is adjustable.
  • Head Seat Jig: It's a simple jig to press tight the top head quickly and to orientate.
  • Tailstock center: It works with cylinder to cause uniform pressure and easy operation. It can be adjusted frontward or backward based on the length of the work-piece. Travel: 100mm (optional).
  • Welding gun seat adjustment: It can be adjusted up/down, Left/right and as per angle requirement. Travel: 75mm.
  • Welding gun up/.down cylinder: It controls the up/down movement of the welding gun. Travel: 50mm.
  • In use of slide way to travel between Tailstock and head seat. It is labor- saving and flat.

  • Works stand when operating the machine to increase the work efficiency.
  • Easy operation: Works simply adjust the tooling, welding gun, tailstock center and produce stable good quality products.

    Control method:

  • Electrical control: In use of PLC electrical control for easy operation and upkeep.
  • Inlet power supply: 1Ø220V, 50/60HZ.
  • Inlet Air supply: 5KG/CM².

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